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Franchise Opportunity

So you are looking for an Accountancy or Book-keeping franchise and do not know where to turn. At AccountantsTeam we are on the hunt for people who have a keen interest to work with small and growing businesses.

Our initial investment is small compared to the income potential. We provide the support for people to cover their training and development to cover book-keeping, accounting support and outsourcing both of finance departments and accounting teams. The basic concepts being wrapped around some leading online software to ensure what ever your financial needs, your books are available online and ontime. You can become one of financial people behind the screen.


What work are you looking for?

Fundamentally we are looking for unqualified accountants, book-keepers and those with a keen interest in the addressing the needs of small businesses. It is not vital to have previous experience as full support and training is offered.

What support package are you offering?

When you join us you will immediately receive a database of your local businesses to make immediate connections with. We will then provide the following:

Monthly email newsletter for your prospects and clients
Templates for all accounting support
Access to our database to record your clients and prospects
Training on your marketing approach including the launch
Training on Xero software
Training on technical areas via video to return to when you need it
Monthly training via webcasts
Telemarketing support to promote your launch
1,000 Business cards
5,000 letterheads
How to Manuals on accounts production, book-keeping, financial outsourcing as well as how to prepare files for accountants to provide outsourced support for accountants
Weekly helpdesk for technical queries.

Additional costs will apply for telemarketing support if you require it. These will be based on the companies charged.

Why are you unique?

We are the only UK firm promoting the following all with the back-up support of a Chartered Accountancy firm.

  • Book-keeping
  • Accounting support
  • Financial outsourcing
  • Accountancy firm support
  • Financial outsourcing

Why should I join the Cranleys AccountantsTeam rather than one of your competitors? How do you justify your franchise fees?

You have the backing of an established accountancy practice for over 12 years' experience of providing professional services to small and medium size businesses.

We are constantly promoting the brand, hosting shows and exhibitions to support your business growth.

The low cost franchise fee is £7,950 for the licence and £5,000 for a bulk of 20 leads.

We are working in partnership with Xero, an online accounts software which simplifies the bookkeeping and accounting process. You will be trained and ongoing support will be available.

What sort of person does the Cranleys AccountantsTeam look for?

If you have experience in bookkeeping and accountancy then this is all we look for.

You do not need to be qualified, if you have any doubts regarding any technical skills, training and support will be given.

What kind of clients will I be aiming to work for?

Sole traders to small Ltd companies, they are often on the lookout for good reliable accounting services. Small businesses are emerging all the time and it is pertinent that they can rely on their accountants, bookkeepers and finance team.

What kind of work will I be doing?

Your work can range from just simple bookkeeping, preparing draft accounts or acting as the finance function for small businesses. The finance function can be in the form of operating the sales ledger, purchase ledger and credit control.

Do I have to pay a deposit? If so, is it refundable?

No deposit is required, the franchise is only booked for you once we have referenced you, been paid and a signed contract. Providing you remain positive and have a genuine interest, we can refund £2,000 of the franchise fee in the unlikely event you are still not convinced after you have attended the course.

Do I need to do my own marketing?

Although we will be working hard on marketing the brand on a national scale, we expect you to market yourself locally. We will advise you on how best to do this. By sharing the marketing responsibility we are able to offer a lower franchise fee then our competitors.

We also train you to how to use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, this will be key in building your client base.

We will also provide you letters, mail shots as well as other marketing methods.

How much working capital will I need?

We expect you to need £750 per a quarter to cover local advertising and marketing.

Do you train me? Who pays for my training?

The franchise fee covers all training, training is provided by the managing partner Colin Davison. Ongoing support will also be available to you, and you will have access to expert advice.

How much income can I earn from this business?

The income we expect you to earn is between £40,000 and £60,000 a year. You get to be your own boss, and manage your lifestyle how you best see fit.

Is the business seasonal?

No, accounting services such as bookkeeping will be required by clients all year round.

What fees do I charge?

We give you guidance on the level of fees that you should charge your clients but the final decision on the exact amount is up to you.

Can I have a copy of your Franchise Agreement?

Yes, we will be pleased to give you a copy of the draft agreement following your first meeting with us.

If I am a qualified accountant, do I still need training and have to pay the full franchise fee?

Qualified accountants will benefit from full participation in our training course. The course will provide advice on how best to grow your business, and training on the new fantastic online software.

Does this contract permit me to sell my business?

We guarantee we would buy the business at X1.25 of recurring fees, no deferred fees will be charged.

For how long is the franchise agreement for? What are the penalties for cancelling? Is there a fee payable on renewal?

Franchise agreement is for 5 years, you can cancel anytime without penalties. No renewal fee.

The only consequence is all fees belong to Cranleys AccountantsTeam and no further income will be received.

What if I already have clients before joining the Cranleys AccountantsTeam?

This would be considered and the reduction of the franchise fee will be considered.

What if I am not successful will you waiver your management fees?

It is only percentage not fixed, therefore your management fees will be reduced in proportion to your turnover.

How long it does it take for me to be set up and get going?

We like to provide a personal touch, and we will be keen to start you on the course as soon as possible. We believe you will be in a position to start within 4 weeks.

Am I restricted to my area?

No, location is not an issue. We are marketing ourselves as an online solution, therefore no restriction where your clients are based.

Will I be recognised for good quality work?

Yes, Cranleys Chartered Accountants, the practice supporting you, often comes across new work. Those with a good reputation would be our first choice for referring work to.

We provide awards each year for those who perform best in a variety of areas.

Who can I book a meeting with?

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